The Haute Route: June 26 - July 1, 2004

Fifteen panoramas should be enough, and there are more pictures in the Gallery, but I've been told the story needs some words too. Perhaps I've overdone it.

Climbing in the Swiss Alps: July 3-4, 2004

As Claire and I had hoped, having completed our section of the Haute Route without any weather delays, we had time to attempt some 4000m+ summits from Zermatt. However, the first poor weather forced us to take a very lazy rest day, which we found a little difficult, so the next day we were lined up for the first lift to Klein Matterhorn, whatever the weather.

Skiing across Iceland: March 31st - April 9th, 2005

The First Day

Early breakfast at the Reykjavik hotel with my French speaking companions, then loaded into the old VW to the airport and a short flight to Akureyri. There we were met by our Icelandic guide Sveinn, who also happened to be fluent in French. A forty minute 4 wheel drive took us beyond the 'Impassable' sign to the base of the rugged highland slopes.

Haute Route Notes

The Haute Route

Useful Information

I hope some of the following will be useful - I was certainly looking to answer these kind of questions when I was planning the trip! If not, you can try contacting me but I can't promise I'll remember anything else useful.

Guide Books and Route Selection


My Africa Story

For all my African photos, check out the Africa Galleries.

My travels started with a flight from Sydney to Johannesburg on June 11, then eventually on to the next flight by which stage I was so tired I fell asleep with the food tray (mostly empty of it's contents) in front of me and didn't wake up till we landed in Harare.

Zimbabwe and the Solar Eclipse

Mt Kenya: 2001

I was dropped off in Nanyuki from the Kenya safari, ready to meet my guide, cook and porter for a trek up Mt Kenya (5199m). I also met my climbing companion, Duncan from the U.K., who shared my interest in African politics and general amusement and despair in reaction to life in Africa.


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