Karen and Phil's Ceilidh


Karen and Phil's Ceilidh

Welcome to Karen and Phil's Ceilidh at the Albert Park Yacht Club.

A Ceilidh (sounds like 'kay-li') is a traditional Gaelic social dance originating in Ireland and Scotland. Before discos and nightclubs, there were Ceilidhs in most town and village halls on Friday or Saturday nights and they are still common today. The Australian Bush Dance is derived from the Scottish Ceilidh and traditional dances from other parts of the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.

Originally, a ceilidh was a social gathering of any sort, and did not necessarily involve dancing. The 'ceilidh' was an evening of literary entertainment where stories and tales, poems and ballads, are rehearsed and recited, and songs are sung, conundrums are put, proverbs are quoted, and many other literary matters are related and discussed. So if you have a song, a story or anything else you'd like to share at our ceilidh we'd love to hear about it!

Dress Code: Bring your dancing shoes and come ready to use them!

Dietary Requirements: Let us know, especially if your requirements are more difficult than Kaz' :-)

RSVP: By semaphore, phone, email, text message, carrier pigeon or contact us here.

How to find the Yacht Club: Aquatic Drive, South Melbourne 3206 - Melways 57 J3.

You'll probably need $2 for the parking meters or you can take the 112 tram down Clarendon Street - as Kaz will be doing - Love Your Trams! The clubrooms are towards the Point end of Aquatic Drive, between Jolly Roger and the Sea Scouts - entrance is from the lake side.

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Our modest two bedroom flat is well and truly full, so we really don't need presents. If you wish, you can make a donation on our behalf to a social or environmental charity of your choice, eg:

Australian Conservation Foundation
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (providing the catering for our ceilidh)

If that doesn't satisfy you, then we may be able to give you some other ideas.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you'd like to post a comment or send us a message for the Ceilidh, we've created a page just for you:


to start dancing :-)


.. phil can't wait to marry me!