Thanks for being part of our Wedding Ceilidh


Thanks for being part of our Wedding Ceilidh

Thanks to everybody who celebrated with us at our Ceilidh, whether you were there in person or in spirit.

Thanks to our wonderful family and friends who helped before, during and after the event - you were great! :-)

And special thanks to:

Eileen Ray, our celebrant
Asylum Seekers Resource Centre for the yummy food
The Ceilidh Band: Neil Adam (guitar/vocals); Bruce Packard (bass); Judy Turner (fiddle); Pria Schwall-Kearney (fiddle); Matthew Robertson (fiddle/dance caller); Gus Rigby (sax/percussion).
Albert Park Yacht Club for the venue and their boat (and Rob for sailing it :-)
Photographers Neil Creek and Geoff Wilson
David Smith for the video
Elliot for Bicycle Rickshaw and riding it too.

For those who left early and missed a rare on stage performance, first you have to re-create in your mind the ambience of the night and recall the stories we told of Ireland, of rings and of walking along rugged shorelines. Then you can watch this:

Here is the occasion in five photos. The Gallery has many more (try the slideshow).